Rappin U-profile

Räpina paper mill manufactures edge protectors in customised width, thickness and length according to the request of the customer.

Laminated cardboard edge protectors RAPPIN protect against potential damage caused in the course of loading and transportation, thus preventing any unnecessary damage-related costs.

RAPPIN U-profile edge protector is suitable to protect the corners and edges against scratches and hits at the same time. The padding glued inside the U-profile secures the protection against great impacts.

The padding glued on the edge of the RAPPIN U-profile helps to protect the protruding parts of goods.

Protects ideally simultaneously the corners and edges.

Special solution of the two profiles can set up a box.

Padding on the bottom of the profile protects goods from strong hits.

The name, slogan or logo of the client
can be printed on the RAPPIN edge
protectors thereby making the delivery
well recognized.

Fits ideally to protect newly installed
doorposts from scratches and
hits during house construction.
With V cut in the middle, U- profile
can be bent around edge for perfect

U-profile with 45 degree endings helps
to avoid overlaps.