We manufacture smooth and rough papers with various weights in grams, which are used by both professional and amateur artists. We market paper as leaves and as watercolour and drawing pads.   In addition to watercolour and drawing paper art friends also use our cartons and wrapping paper.   A few suggestions of how to use Räpina paper in art:   Drawing paper (190 g/m2 smooth) fits for drawing with a pencil, charcoal, or pastel, and for folding work.   Watercolour paper (220 g/m2 rough) is good for working with watercolours and body colours, for drawing with a pencil, pastel, chalk, ink, and for graphics. A good choice of paper for long-term watercolour work; floating technique can be used.   The rough natural carton is suitable for charcoal and pastel works, mixed technique, gluing works, or for a base carton in case of body colours (such as gouache, oil, acrylic).    The wrapping paper is best for charcoal works and pastels. It is a good choice for sketches, outlines, and shop drawings.