We collect waste paper on workdays from 8.30 to 16.30 in Räpina Paper Factory’s waste paper warehouse at Pargi Street 23 in Räpina (entrance from Võhandu Street).    NB! For raw material Räpina Paper Factory accepts waste paper that is not wet, dirty, does not contain metal, plastic, etc (except for smaller clamps and tapes). Not suitable are also paper soiled with lubricant, freshed and waxed paper, NCR and carbon paper, parchment, glassine, and photo paper. Waste paper must not contain domestic waste, glass, plastic, phenoplast, pointed or sharp objects, egg trays or racks, wood, fabric, folium, milk and juice cartons or other food packages, or registers. Larger quantities of waste paper must be pressed and packed with metal wire, metal tape or plastic tape in three places into packs weighing 100-500 kg.     RECYCLING WASTE PAPER   • According to various estimates there are 40,000 to 70,000 tons of waste paper, carton and cardboard produced per year in Estonia. Only 25,000 tons of it is collected. The rest goes to garbage dumps. • The recycling percentage of waste paper is many times lower in Estonia than in Western and Northern Europe. The majority of the waste paper collected in Estonia is exported. • Räpina Paper Factory uses 10,000 tons of waste paper per year in its production. • Manufacturing 1 ton of paper from waste paper saves 17 trees, hence Räpina Paper Factory helps to save approximately 85,000 trees (around 425 hectares of land) in our forests in a year.