ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENT CENTRE AND EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (ERDF) Recycling paper-packaging waste in Estonia as a Räpina Paper Factory good   The goal of the project is to improve the condition of the environment by spreading waste paper recycling in Estonia. The support will directly help to improve the recycling of waste paper, incl. paper-packaging waste, as a secondary good.   By implementing the project the ever growing recycling of paper and packaging waste will become stable in Estonia because Räpina Paper Factory only uses waste paper as a raw material. The applicant’s direct goal is to renew the paper pulp preparation technology, in other words the modification of pulp production, sifting systems and grinding devices enables us to further use any paper and packaging waste that has been sorted by waste management companies. With achieved capacity (25 tons a day) the goal is to cover the recycling of Estonia’s paper and packaging waste.   A concurrent goal of the project: to inform people about collecting waste, recycling options, and environmental conservation.