Our entire production is manufactured from used paper and with this we give the paper a new life. The raw material comes from Estonia’s packaging and printing industry, merchantry, and environmentally aware people.   The manufacturing begins with producing paper pulp in two special crushers called pulpers. Different sorts of waste paper is put in the pulper and mixing it with water produces paper pulp with 3-4% paper fibre content. After that, all foreign objects (plastic, tape, sand, metal) are removed from the pulp and the paper fibre is ground in special mills.   The preparation process of the paper pulp is of extreme importance in paper manufacturing because in this stage the composition of the paper is formed which is essential in getting quality production. Starch, glue, chalk and paint are added according to need to paper pulp. As we use environmentally friendly colours by Bayer then the products are light sensitive when exposed to the sun for a long period of time.   The process continues in the paper machine. The paper pulp is diluted to paper fibre content of 0.8-1.5% in a special box and then poured on a moving sieve to form paper cloth. After that the pulp is shaken on the sieve in order to accomplish an even strength. With the help of vacuum suction cups placed under the sieve water is removed from the paper pulp until the paper cloth reaches a dry matter content of up to 20%.   Paper cloth produced this way is then pressed in two parts. First the water is pressed out of the paper cloth in the first press. Then the paper cloth is pressed in a rotary press in order to achieve a dry matter content of approximately 40%.   The last part of the process is drying the paper in the paper machine dryer section with the help of steam heated rotating cylinders. After that the paper cloth is given a final finishing with permanent press treatment. Finally, the margins of the paper are cut and the end production is coiled into rolls weighing 300 kg. On average, one shift produces 5,000 kg of paper or carton.   Räpina Paper Factory manufactures paper with various weights in grams and carton between 80 to 420 g/m2.     MANUFACTURING EDGE PROTECTORS   Modern computer based technology enables us to significantly increase the efficiency and quality of production.   We use only carton made of waste paper in manufacturing edge protectors. Using only the carton that we have manufactured gives us control over the uniformity of production quality.   First the big rolls of carton are cut into narrow rolls. Then the narrow rolls are placed side by side to the edge protectors production line.   After that, starch based glue is put between the levels of carton and the levels are laminated. Then the corners are formed and pressed. Finally the edge protectors are cut into sizes according to the customer’s wishes and packed on a pallet.   Uniform quality carton, top level laminating techniques, the best possible contemporary technology, and professional operators guarantee uniformly high quality.