Räpina paper mill quality, energy, and the environmental management system is up built in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 requirements.

Quality, energy, and environmental principles

For us quality means that the customer is satisfied with our products and service and it has been achieved economically.

Our activities are characterized by the next principles:

  • we guarantee our products and service a permanent quality,
  • we update our machine park and working methods consistently, preferring energy saving solutions in our manufacturing process,
  • we use optimal quality raw material for our production,
  • we cooperate with waste collectors and packaging manufacturers to increase recyclable solutions,
  • our workers are well-informed, and we involve them in the development of the company,
  • we understand the impact of the company to the surrounding environment and we work consistently for the reduction of environment pollution and more economical resource use,
  • we consistently increase enterprise effectiveness and performance through modern management and planning methods,
  • we devote ourselves to FSC values,
  • we fill all applicable legislation and norms.

The basic values that guide us in everyday activities:


We are a reliable partner to our customers, bearing in mind close agreements and offering high quality products. For our employees we offer persistent and long-term work.


We are environmentally friendly. Without losing our products quality, we apply technology that is best for the environment.


We are flexible and proactive, learning from our long-term experience we answer the future challenges.